Podium Eren Aleks

Dr. Aleksandra Lewicki


Lecturer in Sociology

School of Law, Politics and Sociology 

University of Sussex


Email: A.Lewicki@sussex.ac.uk

Web: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/sociology/people/

Twitter: @aleks_lewicki


I am a political sociologist with a degree in Politics from the University of Potsdam and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Bristol, currently working as a Lecturer at the University of Sussex.

My research engages with the variety of ways in which social inequalities can be disguised and obfuscated. Inequalities often remain unnoticed and become more explicit only in hindsight. An important objective of academic analysis is thus to unmask them and to thereby render them visible.

My work investigates cultural, economic and political asymmetries in post-migration societies in Europe, most notably Germany and Great Britain. A particular concern lies with contemporary forms of racism, such as Orientalism or Islamophobia, and the ways in which they manifest within specific realms of public life. The focus is on practices that iterate, perpetuate or neutralize, and thereby continuously produce institutional discrimination and structural inequalities.

I have written on processes of political mobilisation, lobbying and consultation, arts-based activism, collaborative approaches to implementing the prevention of violent political extremism, the negotiation and scope of equality laws, as well as policies of anti-discrimination.

Conceptually, my work contributes to scholarship on discourses, practices and acts of citizenship, political subjectivity, technologies of self, care ethics, social justice, and intersectional inequalities e.g. in relation to race, gender, religion and age.

I mainly draw on qualitative methods, including semi-structured conversation, participant observation, and collaborative and participatory co-production. Public engagement is an important part of my academic work.


Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology, University of Bristol, Dissertation title: Social Justice through Citizenship? The Politics of Integration in Germany and Great Britain, Supervisors: Prof. Tariq Modood, Dr. Therese O’Toole (2012)

‘Diplom’ (2 year MA equivalent + 1 year study abroad) Politics, Dissertation title: Sovereignty in Transition, Topicality of an Essentially Contested Concept, University of Potsdam (2005)

Study Abroad, European Studies, Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland (part of MA) (2003).

‘Vordiplom‘, Politics, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (2002).



Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin, Principal Investigator researching institutional discrimination in social care for older people in Germany (2016 – 2017).

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Bristol, funded by the AHRC/ESRC Connected Communities Programme (PI Professor Morag McDermont) (2013 – 2015).

Postdoctoral Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo, funded by NORFACE (PI Professor Jorgen Carling) (2011 – 2013).

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, Potsdam University, Institute for Political Theory (Professor Heinz Kleger) (2005 – 2008)

Studentische Hilfskraft, German Council on Foreign Relations Berlin, funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation (programme director Dr. Gereon Schuch) (2004 – 2005).

Rat für Migration (German Council of Migration)

British Sociological Association (BSA)
Study Groups: Race & Ethnicity, Citizenship, Sociology of Religion

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Politische Wissenschaft (DVPW)
Subgroup Migrationpolicy

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie (DGS)
Sektion Migration und Ethnische Minderheiten

Migration Research Group, University of Bristol

Interdisciplinary Research Network Ageing, University of Bristol

Polish Migration Research Network, University of London

Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst
Alumna and Selection Committee Member for Scholarships

Bürger Europas e.V.

Co-Editor of the Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen, DeGruyter, Berlin.
www.forschungsjournal.de | twitter @FJSozBew

Managing Editor of the international interdisciplinary peer reviewed Journal Ethnicities, Sage Publishing, London.
etn.sagepub.com/ | twitter @ethnicitiessage

Peer reviewer for the international academic journals
Diversities ( www.unesco.org/new/en/social-and-human-sciences/…)
Ethnicities ( etn.sagepub.com/)
Ethnic and Racial Studies ( www.tandfonline.com/toc/rers20/current)
Interdisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology ( www.inter-disciplines.de/index.php/indi)
Journal of International Migration and Integration ( www.springer.com/social+sciences/…)
Journal of Migration and Ethnic Studies ( www.tandfonline.com/loi/cjms20#.V5HzaDWThPY)
Open Theology ( www.degruyter.com/view/j/opth)
Social Identities ( www.tandfonline.com/toc/csid20/current#.V5HzuDWThPY)
Social Sciences ( www.mdpi.com/journal/socsci)
Sub/urban: Zeitschrift für kritische Stadtforschung ( www.zeitschrift-suburban.de/sys/index.php/suburban)

140,000 € Fellowship Dahlem Research School supported by the European Commission’s Marie Curie Skłodowska Programme and the German Research Foundation (DFG) (for scholars working outside Germany, five stage global selection, 5% success rate), 2016 – 2017

200 £ University of Bristol Impact Acceleration Travel Award to MCB British Muslims in Numbers Report Launch at the House of Commons, London, 2015

3,000 £ Travel Grant by the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, New York University, 2010

38,630 £ University of Bristol Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies, 2008 – 2011

40,500 € Evangelisches Begabtenförderungswerk Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies, 2006 – 2008

6,000 € German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship for 1-year study abroad, 2002

2017 Research Methodology for Doctoral Candidates, Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies, Freie Universität Berlin: Pre-/ and Post-fieldwork Conversations (design and delivery).

2016 Research Methodology, Postgraduate level, Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies, Freie Universität Berlin: Pre-/ and Post-fieldwork Conversations (design and delivery).

2015 Workshops for Adults and School Pupils: Development of interactive training materials and tools used by facilitators of adult learning and school teachers in Britain.

2015 Politics, Undergraduate level (year 1), University of Bristol: Comparative Politics and Government (delivery and assessment).

2013 Sociology, Undergraduate level (2nd year), University of Bristol: Contemporary Social Inequalities (delivery and assessment).

2012 Sociology Undergraduate level (1st year), University of Bristol: Social Identities and Divisions (delivery and assessment).

2010 Sociology Undergraduate level (2nd year), University of Bristol: Contemporary Social Inequalities (delivery and assessment).

2005 – 2008 Interactive Workshops for older adults and schools, in collaboration with the NGO Bürger Europas (Citizens of Europe).

2000 – 2002 Workshops for adults and schools at the Documentation Centre of the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds and the Nuremberg Palace of Justice in the court room of the Nuremberg Trials.