Bristol Big Sisters

Bristol Big Sisters is a role model resource which was developed in collaboration with the Muslim Women’s Network UK within the Productive Margins – Regulating for Engagement Research Programme. The exhibit features over 20 inspiring Muslim including magistrate Masuda Mian, theologian Amra Bone, anti-FGM Activist Fahma Mohamed, biologist Aziza El Harchi, community activist Sheila Joy El Dieb and performance poet Shagufta K. The exhibition was first on display on October 29th, 2015 in the Watershed Bristol, and Bristol City Council subsequently toured it in about 100 venues in and around Bristol, involving libraries, nurseries and health centres.


Inspiring Muslim Women

Public debates frequently position Muslim women as absent from, or lacking skills to participate in or contribute to, public life and wider society. Three inspirational and pioneering Muslim women joined Therese O’Toole and Aleksandra Lewicki at the University of Bristol to share their experiences with their political engagement at a time of heightened Islamophobia in Europe. The event took place on September 23rd 2014 and attracted hundreds of visitors. It featured presentations by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (House of Lords and former government minister), Sughra Ahmed (President of the Islamic Society of Britain) and Fahma Mohamed (FGM activist and trustee of Integrate Bristol) which were accompanied a poetry performance by local theatre maker Shagufta K.

Sayeeda Warsi:
Sughra Ahmed:
Fahma Mohamed:
Shagufta K.:

Skill Development Toolkit

A series of 8 interactive workshops was held in autumn 2014 in Bristol, generating a debate across the city how spaces of Muslim women’s participation could be enhanced. Together with a steering group of Muslim women, and drawing on contributions from the Inspiring Muslim Women event, researchers Therese O’Toole and Aleksandra Lewicki developed a workshop template that is being used in workshops with adults and young people across Bristol. The workshops also make use of a set of cards that were developed in collaboration with the Muslim Women’s Network UK. All resources are available to the public, get in touch if you are interested in using them in schools or institutions of adult learning.

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Skill Development Toolkit